Skills and Items

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Skills and Items

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:17 pm


● Athletics: feats of endurance, brute
strength, and acrobatics.
● Lore: history, folklore, languages,
religion, philosophy, and the occult.
● Martial: all forms of armed and
unarmed combat.
● Medicine: health care,
pharmacology, and surgery.
● Magic: clairvoyance, telekinesis,
or telepathy (choose only one).
● Rhetoric: persuasive speaking,
negotiation, and diplomacy.
● Science: mathematics, physics,
chemistry, biology, etc.
● Subterfuge: disguise, legerdemain,
security, stealth, and streetwise.
● Survival: hunting, trapping,
tracking, and foraging outdoors.
● Vocation: a specialized trade, e.g.
Pilot, Soldier, or Tailor.


Stuff to buy


Standard/Hobbyist Kit $10
The basic tools of the trade
for a skill, e.g. a first aid kit
(for the Medicine skill).

Deluxe/Pro Kit $100
Everything in the standard
kit plus specialty tools for a
skill, e.g. a doctor's bag (for
the Medicine skill).


Melee $5
PHY + 1

Projectile $50
PHY + 1 or 5 combat dice.

Melee $25
PHY + 2

Projectile $100
PHY + 2 or 8 combat dice.

Melee $75
PHY + 3

Projectile $250
PHY + 3 or 11 combat dice.

Projectile $500
PHY + 4 or 14 combat dice.


Light Armor $50
Damage reduction: 1
Reduces PHY by 1.

Medium Armor $300
Damage reduction: 2
Reduces PHY by 2.

Heavy Armor $1500
Damage reduction: 3
Reduces PHY by 5.


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